Don't allow Fear of Failure Rob you of your Purpose !!
Delivered By
Pastor Johan van der Merwe
Delivered On
August 30, 2020
Sunday Morning Worship Service

"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" is a famous book by Author Susan Jeffers. To Fail in the attempt to do something is... OK ! What is NOT ok is to be so paralyzed by the Fear of Failure such as in the case of the man mentioned by Jesus in His Parable of the Talents(Matt. 25:25-29).. The Bible tells us that "We all FAIL /stumble in many ways" (James 3:2). What is unacceptable is 'Give Up' !! Real Failure is NOT having a goal, and unwilling to TRY. The Lord God Promises He will help us and even use our Failures as stepping stones to Bigger and Better Things! Take that step !! By all means! Just like Indiana Jones in the movie "The Last Crusade" took a step in what seems a void, But the Bridge was there all along, just out of sight !! Take that step... God promises He will sustain you !!


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