Don't Let Fear Hide your Talents!
Delivered By
Pastor Johan van der Merwe
Delivered On
August 23, 2020
Central Passage
Matthew 25:14-29
Sunday Morning Worship Service

Everybody has Talents, and Gifts. However sometimes we feel intimidated by the Thought of Failure..."What IF ... what I attempt, FAIL!" Well, the Bible tells us EVERYBODY fails in many ways!! (Eccl. 7:20). You're Not alone!. It's Ok to fail... the TRICK is... Not to give UP!!.Look with us at few ways that Failure is actually a GOOD Thing! In God's wonderful Grace and Mercy, He promises us to help us, to show us the goodness of failures, to strengthen us not for us to be Paralyzed by it. Failure is not Fatal... UNLESS you choose to give up! Tenacity, brings about the Blessings in your life, and the life of others ... as well as to the Glory of Christ Jesus ~ IN DUE TIME !!


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