The Rider of the Red Horse (part 2)
Delivered By
Pastor Johan van der Merwe
Delivered On
August 26, 2020
Wednesday Evening Bible Study

There is coming a Holy war over Jerusalem. That is what Bible Prophecy says will happen in the near Future. Zechariah 14:2-3;12, as well as Rev. 6 : 3-4 speaks of nations from 5 countries will join in an effort to annihilate Israel. Make NO Mistake, The God of the Armies of Heaven Himself will come against them and they will NOT Succeed! Pray great and mighty prayers for great Repentance and a Return to Righteousness not only for those whom you know is far away from God's Mercy, but also for Israel. We do live in days of great deception, even tolerating Churches which "Play Church" ... The Bible calls them having a "Form of godliness, but denies the Power of God" (2 Tim.3:5-7)... deceiving people in calling what is right WRONG, and calling that which is wrong, RIGHT" There is coming a day of Judgement. Only Great Repentance and a turn to Righteousness is our only saving Grace.


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